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四時流轉, 萬物生生不息

人有悲歡離合, 物有聚散因緣

天工開物, 賦予物質存在的價值和意義

不斷增加的重量與體積, 是人類樂此不疲的欲望

緣起緣滅, 草木榮枯

千迴百轉, 人們身影依舊




The circle of life continues as time goes by,

Life is full of joys and sorrows, comings and goings.

The works of nature has given value and meaning to everything existence.

The incessant increase of weight and volume is due to human being’s insatiable desire.

Origin arises and ends, so does every life in the world. It is the course of nature.

As the circle of the world continues, people are still constructing their dreams in the wasteland.

Where is the flower?



Ringo Tang

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